CPA Answering Service

Your clients rely on your expertise, and when they call they want answers or advice, not voice mail.  And they usually want it immediately.

You can’t always be available for them, but your callers will always reach a live person (8-5 Monday through Friday, PST)  that understands your business, can answer basic questions and will assure the caller that their questions and concerns will be delivered to you immediately.  Whether via email, cell phone, text or fax, you’ll know who called, when, the nature of the call and the urgency.  You can return the call yourself when you see fit, or in some cases, ask us to handle the situation for you.

With Front Office Staff of Citrus Heights you and your clients will be served by bright, friendly and articulate receptionists who enjoy taking care of your business.

Still not sure?  Try us for two weeks absolutely free.  No charges, and no strings attached….